Biostatisticians and statistical programmers play a central role in your clinical trials, observational studies, outcomes research, and meta-analyses. They ensure that the data you collect, analyze, and report will answer important questions such as: “Is my product safe; effective; useful; differentiated?”

As an independent research organization, we are scientists first.  We provide an impartial interpretation of data—from clinical trials to post-marketing studies—allowing your results to be trusted and confidently acted upon by your stakeholders.

Most importantly, as a biostatistics team, we understand the full product lifecycle and we have broad expertise across therapeutic areas. We provide real-world context to your research programs and in-depth experience in order to support your statistical needs.

Regardless of the stage or type of your study, we will provide you with quality-controlled full-service or as-needed statistical services—from study concept and design consulting to methods validation and data analysis to synthesis of findings and dissemination of results.

To seamlessly integrate with the systems that you and your other partners are currently using, we have experience working with most clinical data management systems (e.g., OpenClinica, Clintrial, Oracle Clinical, Phase Forward) and we often use CDISC data from clinical trials databases.

We are also familiar with numerous electronic data capture (EDC), fax, and IVRS systems and have experience importing data from many different applications. If you do not already have a preferred application, we can help you identify the best tools for your study and provide oversight of the vendor that you select.

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