Market Access and Outcomes Strategy

You need the right strategies and tactics to reflect your product’s value and gain market access. And when millions—or maybe billions—are on the line, you have to be confident that your strategies are well-researched and that your tactics reflect real-world context.

With 25+ market access experts, 60+ health economic experts, 30+ patient-centered outcomes assessment experts and psychometricians, and dozens of other master’s and PhD-level health researchers and analysts, we can partner with you to deliver the research quality and integrated thinking your drug, diagnostic, or device needs to achieve optimal market access. Our experience spans all major therapeutic areas and phases of development.

Strategy. Analysis. Solutions.

We provide an integrated and customizable three-pronged market access approach to help your product reach its potential in both global and local markets.

1) Strategy: Define and Determine Your Product's Value

We can help you research your product environment, gain insights on payer requirements, and determine what evidence you need to gather to successfully launch your product. We provide:

2) Analysis: Understand Your Product's Value

Once current market conditions are understood, a market access strategy is developed, and missing evidence is collected, we conduct rigorous analyses to help you predict how your stakeholders will value your products. We provide:

3) Solutions: Communicating Your Value Proposition

Finally, after we help you define and understand your product’s value, we then help you communicate it through:

Market Access & Outcomes Strategy at RTI Health Solutions

Kati Copley-Merriman, Vice President of Market Access and Outcomes Strategy at RTI Health Solutions talks about how we can help pharma, biotech, and medtech companies with high-quality research and integrated thinking to help them achieve market access for their products.