Retrospective Chart Reviews

Like database studies, retrospective chart reviews also use real world data to help you better understand drivers that could influence your product strategy. Chart reviews, separately or in combination with other data sources or surveys, can help you understand:

  • Clinical disease characteristics
  • Disease progression, survival, and treatment response
  • Prescribing patterns
  • Health care resource utilization
  • Burden of illness
  • Country-specific economic endpoints, which can be used to populate decision-analytic models (i.e., cost effectiveness or budget impact models)

Through our network of partners, we have access to patient charts in both developed and emerging markets. From physician registries in each country of interest, we select participants based on specific characteristics (e.g., physician specialty, years in practice, case load, practice setting). Selected physicians then abstract data from their own patients’ charts based upon patient selection criteria developed by the study team.

Our rigorous scientific approach ensures we consistently provide you with the highest quality deliverables so you can make informed decisions related to study outcomes. For every study, we determine endpoints based on the research objectives, develop the study protocol, create the data collection form (DCF), and obtain ethics approval. During the implementation phase we translate and program the DCF, screen and recruit physicians, clean and validate data, develop the analysis plan, and monitor field work activity. Finally, we program and analyze the data to help you draw meaningful insights from the results.