Real-World Evidence

The focus on real-world evidence (RWE) affects every stage of your drug or device development lifecycle. You need evidence to prove value to all stakeholders, including regulators, payers, providers, and patients. This means RWE is playing an increasingly critical role in supporting every aspect of successful evidence-generation programs, including clinical trials, market access, outcomes research, patient preference, economic evaluation, reimbursement, and safety activities.

Our experts have been collecting and analyzing prospective and retrospective real-world data (RWD) for decades. They stay abreast of evolving methods and guidelines to provide you with knowledgeable support, advice, and real-world evidence solutions.

Evidence You Need, When You Need It

You need to know where your research requirements fall under the broad umbrella of real-world evidence. We help by designing and conducting the right study and staying with you throughout your product's lifecycle. We recommend and have a track record of implementing proactive plans for RWE to support strategic pharmaceutical and device product development.

We start with the research questions you need to have answered and utilize appropriate methodologies and real-world data sources, to inform a strategic approach to your RWE activities. Our expert study designs and analyses ensure you can trust the results and confidently act on them.

We recognize that RWE data needs differ by therapeutic area, type of product, and patient population. Leverage the wide-ranging expertise we’ve acquired from working on hundreds of different products in nearly every therapeutic area to help commercialize your pharmaceutical and medical device products.

Our Approach

RTI Health Solutions Real-World Evidence Strategy approach for drug/pharma and medical device development.

Adding Value Through Collaboration

With our multi-disciplinary team environment, you'll benefit from the integrated services provided by our health economics, market access, observational studies, biostatistics, and pharmacoepidemiology teams. From HEOR strategic roadmaps and payer and pricing research to HTA submissions and value communication materials to studies to meet regulatory requirements, we bring together the best teams from across the organization to meet your objectives.

Understand what the ISPOR/ISPE Real World Evidence guidelines mean for your product development

Our researchers have put together a few recommendations to help you understand and navigate the emerging ISPOR/ISPE Real World Evidence guidelines. Learn more.

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