Jaume Aguado, MSc

Senior Statistician
Jaume Aguado
Practice Area:
Therapeutic Expertise:
Barcelona, Spain

MSc, Statistical Science and Techniques
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

BS, Statistics
Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Jaume Aguado, MSc, is a Senior Statistician at RTI-HS. Mr. Aguado holds a master's degree in Statistics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Mr. Aguado has 15 years of experience working as a statistician for research foundations, clinical research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Prior to joining RTI-HS, he worked at the Fundació Sant Joan de Déu as a research statistician in postapproval observational studies. As a consultant, Mr. Aguado collaborated in various projects that included working as a statistician and data manager for Pfizer Global Epidemiology and RTI-HS, where he managed large epidemiological databases, analyzed data from epidemiological studies, and generated statistical reports. Some of his former positions include working as a statistician and data manager at the Fundació Clínic on a series of research projects about women's health and as an Associate Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona, where he taught statistics and demography to medical students. Mr. Aguado is proficient in models for longitudinal data (e.g., repeated-measures models), linear regression, logistic regression, survival analysis, multiple imputation for missing data, and models with latent variables (e.g., structural equation models). He is highly skilled in SAS programming, including SQL, MACRO, and ODS.