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Our Culture

At RTI Health Solutions, we want you to think independently and act collaboratively—your research will require the former and our multidisciplinary environment will inspire the latter. You will be surrounded by researchers who prioritize the quality of the science and will have the opportunity to learn methodology from recognized experts in their fields. As a business unit of RTI International, we are dedicated to the mission of improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice and helping you bring your ideas to bear on a world that needs your drive and your enthusiasm.

Our team thrives on a diverse interplay of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our singular passion for what we do forges the powerful bond that unites us and is strengthened by the differences that make us unique. Visit RTI International's website to learn more about the institute's commitment to diversity and inclusion and how our Employee Resource Groups help cultivate a sense of community and belonging. 

Read more about our culture from the perspective of our employees below. If this approach to rewarding work and study matches your values and your sense of purpose and personal fulfillment, please take a look at our current career opportunities.