Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Most drug development and commercialization choices are complex. When you have multiple factors influencing a decision and you have to consider tradeoffs, you need a tool that can help you compare, prioritize and select from your alternatives.

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is an analytical technique that can help you prioritize your options. You can calculate a score to rank your options by methodically assigning weights that represent the relative importance of the attributes of alternatives, and then evaluating how alternatives perform under each attribute.

MCDA Matrix

Inform Your Strategies in Development, Market Access and
Post-Approval Decisions

From making drug development decisions, to phase III evidence plans, to developing pricing strategies and value messages, MCDA can be used to gain insights at each stage of your product’s lifecycle.

We can help you assess the relevance of a current or new product’s attributes across its lifecycle—including efficacy, safety, impact on quality of life and functional status, dosing convenience, price, cost-effectiveness, and budget impact—all within the context of the current standard of care and market conditions. When you understand how various stakeholders may evaluate your product’s performance and identify the product attributes that matter most to them, you can make informed development and portfolio decisions.

Often it is important to understand the balance that patients and other decision makers are willing to strike between treatment benefits and risks. MCDA provides quantitative information that can help you understand and communicate risk tolerance from patients and other stakeholders to inform regulatory evaluations. As a tool to unveil critical aspects of the decision-making process, MCDA can also help catalog issues that could arise in benefit-risk assessments.

Additionally, the decision process can be simulated for each target market or country. With access to clinical trial data, outcomes data, and published economic models, we can objectively score product attributes—allowing you to estimate the probability of market access success and predict outcomes in various pricing and reimbursement systems.