Psychometric Evaluation

Our psychometricians have extensive experience conducting quantitative evaluations of COAs, evaluating their structure and demonstrating their reliability, validity, and responsiveness, as well as facilitating the interpretation of results in terms of responder definitions and minimal important difference values to support FDA and EMA submissions or guide decision making in routine clinical care.

Our psychometric services include:

  • Psychometric analyses using both classical and modern psychometric methods, including those based on item response theory (IRT) and Rasch Measurement Theory
  • Psychometric evaluations based on clinical trial or observational study data
  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal observational studies to collect data to support psychometric evaluation (independent from clinical trials)
  • Equivalence testing across modes and languages of administration
  • Development of short forms and measures based on computer-adaptive testing (CAT)

Our psychometric team will help you determine the appropriate evaluation steps and analyses to maximize the value of both established and novel COAs. The psychometric team routinely collaborates with other RTI-HS experts in our biostatistics team to support analyses for clinical trial outcomes.