Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management

Real-World Evidence

Let us help you ensure the safety of your patients by examining and understanding disease indicators and using real-world evidence to support your development and post-approval activities.

To understand disease distribution, risk factors, treatment patterns and impact, comorbidities, burden-of-illness, other related factors, and the effectiveness of risk minimization interventions, our international and expert team of epidemiologists can help you ask the right questions and apply the right methodologies to yield meaningful and actionable evidence.

Whether you’re looking for consulting advice; database or registry study; prospective observational research; a literature review; or a risk management plan, we can provide you with high-quality, scientifically-rigorous, and publication-ready epidemiology support.

Rely On Our Experts

Resources from our experts:
Co-edited by Elizabeth AndrewsMann's Pharmacovigilance provides a definitive drug safety resource for pharmaceutical researchers and students. Learn more.
Authored by Kenneth RothmanEpidemiology: An Introduction, remains one of the most quoted epidemiology methods books since the late 1990s.

Our broad range of experience and research collaborations make us an ideal research partner for pharmacoepidemiology studies. Members of our 30+ person team of epidemiologists are often invited as advisors on steering and advisory committees convened by clients, research partners, governments, and academic organizations. We were selected by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a preferred provider to conduct post-authorization efficacy and safety studies—including pregnancy and breastfeeding research—to support regulatory decision-making.

Some of Our Consultative Roles and Experience:

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