Delphi Panels

Delphi panels. Actionable insights.

Having high-quality data to inform decision-making is critical to your product’s development and success. But sometimes, unanticipated questions arise, and you need information quickly. What do you do if the data you need is unavailable or not easily assembled? What if you need to validate assumptions to develop your early economic model? How do you proceed if there is no consensus on definitions or diagnostic or treatment guidelines? You can use a Delphi panel in these situations to provide actionable insight without requiring the lengthy timeline of some traditional studies.

We have extensive experience in qualitative methods and can help you determine if the Delphi technique could be used to establish consensus on a given topic or set of topics to meet your research needs. If appropriate, our team will design and conduct an iterative survey and qualitative inquiry exercise with carefully vetted expert panelists. We ensure that panelists have the anonymity needed so they are comfortable providing candid feedback and that the number and type of panelists ensure the generalizability of the assembled information.

How it Works

Delphi Methodology Purpose RTI-HS Role
Initial Questionnaire Gather information or feedback from expert panelists Develop and administer
Second Questionnaire Summarize and present results and pose follow-up questions to elicit deeper feedback Develop and administer
Consensus-Building Exercise Concentrate on topics with disagreement to reach accord Plan and conduct

Once the Delphi process is complete, our team will document the methods and findings of the full exercise and will provide a brief report, slides, or summary memorandum, along with a set of recommendations on how you can use the results to inform your product development decisions.