Health Economics

Adding Value Through Collaboration
In our multi-disciplinary team environment, our clients benefit from the collaborative and complementary services provided by our health economics and market access teams. From HEOR strategic roadmaps and payer and pricing research to HTA submissions and value communication materials, we bring together the best teams from across the organization to meet your objectives. 

More than ever, health economic information affects how patients, providers, payers, and regulators make decisions, and we understand your need for credible, reliable, and high-quality evidence-based analyses. Leverage the wide-ranging expertise we’ve acquired from working on hundreds of different drugs in nearly every therapeutic area to help commercialize your products.

Located in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and Sweden, our team of over 60 health economists and consultants, led by Drs. Josephine Mauskopf and Stephanie Earnshaw, can help you demonstrate the economic value of your pharmaceutical and medical products.

Expertise for Every Product Lifecycle Stage

You need the right strategies and research plans at the right time to create real-world insights about your product. Our pharmacoeconomics experts, nearly all of them PhD- or masters-level researchers, can help you:

  • Select among potential product candidates and indications
  • Determine health economic endpoints for your clinical trials
  • Analyze economic data collected in clinical trials
  • Implement comparative effectiveness research
  • Make pricing decisions
  • Achieve formulary acceptance
  • Gain reimbursement and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) approvals
  • Differentiate your product
  • FDAMA 114 consulting
  • Train internal stakeholders
  • Disseminate findings via industry presentations and journal articles

Comprehensive Health Economics Services

As one of the most experienced and respected health economics research and consulting organizations, we can provide strategic advice and/or help you choose and implement the right methodology—whether a decision model, chart review, analysis of healthcare claims, literature review, or meta-analysis—to answer your research questions. We also provide innovative methods to uncover hidden subpopulations or differential responders in your data that can lead to new opportunities for your product and personalized medicine. Additionally, we provide innovative communication platforms to allow dissemination and thoughtful exchange of information pertaining to your product’s value proposition. Typical studies include:

Study Type Description
Burden of Illness Disease incidence and prevalence; real-world outcomes; costs of disease including direct, indirect, and intangible costs; cost of treatment and health-related quality of life; healthcare resource utilization
Treatment Patterns Medication adherence, persistence, and compliance; treatment switching, augmentation, and discontinuation; and outcomes associated with such measures
Economic Value Analyses Cost-effectiveness, cost-minimization, cost-benefit, cost consequence, budget and population health impact, and value-based pricing
Comparative Effectiveness Indirect and mixed treatment comparisons and efficacy versus effectiveness analyses
Health Technology Assessment Strategic consulting, systematic reviews, network meta-analysis, cost-effectiveness and budget impact models, HTA submissions, and post-submission support