Cristina Rebordosa, PhD, MD

Director, Epidemiology

Therapeutic Expertise
Office Location
Barcelona, Spain

PhD, Pharmacology-Pharmacoepidemiology
Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology
Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

MD, School of Medicine
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Rebordosa, MD, PhD is a Director of Epidemiology at RTI- HS. Dr. Rebordosa has academic research experience in the field of asthma and drug use during pregnancy, including studies performed within the Danish National Registries and a postdoctoral training in Genetic Epidemiology at the University of Arizona. Dr. Rebordosa also has experience working in pharmaceutical companies in the field of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. She has led international multidatabase post-authorization studies, epidemiological product strategies, submissions to health authorities, pediatric investigation plans, orphan drug applications, risk managements plans, periodic safety update reports, and epidemiology-related health authority questions. In addition, Dr. Rebordosa has performed cohort studies, case-control studies, meta-analysis, and genetic epidemiology studies and has conducted research in claims databases, electronic medical records, and registries.

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