Ari Gnanasakthy, MBA, MSc

Principal Scientist, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment

MBA, Business Administration
University of Kingston, Surrey, United Kingdom

MSc, Applied Statistics
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

BSc, Mathematics, Statistics and Computing
University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

Ari Gnanasakthy, MBA, MSc, is a Principal Scientist in Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment at RTI-HS, Mr. Gnanasakthy was the Executive Director and Head of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Center of Excellence at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. He has almost 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. At Novartis, he worked in several departments, including Biostatistics, Health Economics, Pricing, and Outcomes Research. After receiving his bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics, and computing, Mr. Gnanasakthy joined Rothamsted Experimental Station (UK), where he was responsible for the statistical analysis of survey data of agricultural soil in England and Wales. He then joined the Milk Marketing Board (UK), where he was a part of the team responsible for modeling lactation curves of dairy cows. Mr. Gnanasakthy's extensive experience in the field of statistics and outcome research has resulted in numerous abstracts and almost 40 publications. Throughout his career, Mr. Gnanasakthy has developed and validated over a dozen patient-reported outcomes instruments and currently serves in the editorial board of Cancer Clinical Trials and a reviewer for many professional journals, including Value in Health.

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