Sarah Sauchelli Toran, PhD

Senior Researcher, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment

headshot of Sarah Sauchelli Toran
Office Location
Manchester, United Kingdom

PhD, Medicine and Health Sciences
MSc, Research in Cognition and Behaviour
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

MSc, Health Psychology and Psychotherapy
Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain

BSc, Experimental Psychology
University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Sarah Sauchelli Toran, PhD, is a Senior Researcher in the Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment group at RTI-HS, with experience in the cross-cultural adaptation and application of patient-reported outcome measures for use in clinical research. She joins RTI-HS after nine years of research experience in hospital settings and academia, where she managed a wide range of projects to generate patient insight for the development of novel interventions and healthcare technology solutions.

Dr. Sauchelli Toran has extensive experience in utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research methods applied in the therapeutic areas of psychiatry, obesity, and diabetes. These include, but are not limited to, literature reviews, real-world data collection, patient diaries, surveys and other PRO measures, computer-based preference evaluations, 1:1 interviewing, focus groups and contextual inquiry and co-design. Her expertise in survey development and impact evaluation has contributed to national efforts to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in clinical and non-clinical populations. Her work has been published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, Scientific Reports, BMJ Diabetes Research & Care, and BMC Psychiatry.

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