Stuart Yarr, MA

Research Programmer/Analyst, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment

Office Location
Manchester, United Kingdom

MA, Computer Generated Imagery
BSc, Internet and Multimedia IT
Glyndwr University, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Stuart Yarr, MA, is a Health Outcomes Analyst RTI-HS in the Manchester, UK office. As a certified base SAS programmer, Mr. Yarr specializes in performing analysis (e.g., conjoint and psychometric analysis) and data manipulation projects using SAS with data extracted from electronic data capture systems. As a licensed CPRD Fob holder, Mr Yarr, also has experience in carrying out requests to extract data from the online CPRD GOLD system.

Mr. Yarr has also broadened his use of programming in the field of health economics to incorporate improved graphical user interfaces and additional functionality to many health economic models, such as cost-effectiveness and budget-impact models. His work has been incorporated in many therapeutic areas, such as immunology, oncology, respiratory, and neurology.

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