Lia Gutierrez

Sharing Knowledge

Lia center
2019 ICPE (Lia center)

Lia Gutierrez
Senior Director, Epidemiology
employee since 2007

What I think is very different about RTI Health Solutions compared to other places I’ve worked is the people. That is the value of RTI-HS. From the very beginning, there has been a willingness to share knowledge, collaborate, and work on projects. If I ever have a question, there is usually someone here who has experience on that topic. If I reach out, I always get positive responses. We work together towards the same objective. We aren’t competitive; we’re collaborative. 

In the Epidemiology group, we have very knowledgeable, senior team members. They are helpful when we have questions on methods or particular aspects of a study that we need to evaluate. 

Our minds are always set to share and provide input. We have the flexibility of taking responsibility within projects while at the same time having the option of relying on other expert’s views if we need it. That includes working with other units within RTI-HS. We usually have the expertise we need in-house. 

I am based in Barcelona, Spain, and collaborate with US colleagues on many of my projects. It has been beneficial. We take advantage of the time difference to work efficiently on behalf of our clients. 

One thing I appreciate is the opportunity we have for working on challenging projects. Clients know they can rely on our high level of expertise and typically come to us with very complex research problems. It triggers a lot of internal brainstorming, discussions, and thinking about what the best approach would be. It helps that we have strong relationships with partners at different organizations outside of RTI-HS that are happy to collaborate with us.