Frank Distler


A team working on a project Working at RTI-HS is different—meaningful, highly professional and motivated by science. Our clients appreciate that we ask questions, proactively give feedback and provide comments to ensure that well-thought-through projects and initiatives will be initiated. This culture is driven by each colleague, and it manifests itself in the way we work together. Working collaboratively in multidisciplinary, integrated teams is a big asset of RTI-HS and makes us unique. For example, after a client call attended by 9 RTI-HS colleagues from 4 practice areas, the client called me back and told me that he was highly impressed—not only by the quality of our questions and comments, but also how cohesive as a team we came across and presented ourselves. He remarked,

I appreciate your giving some thoughts on this, I’m always a bit concerned when agencies do not get back at all.

Frank Distler
Senior Director, Business Development
employee since 2015