Kelly Campbell, PhD

Research Health Economist
Kelly Campbell
Practice Area:
Manchester, United Kingdom

PhD, Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering
BSc, Mathematics
Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Kelly Campbell, a Research Health Economist in RTI-HS’s Health Economics department, has four years of research experience focused on mathematical modelling of biological phenomena.  Dr. Campbell has recently completed an interdisciplinary PhD in Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering from Keele University.  Her thesis topic was mathematical modelling of the evolution of cell populations in cartilage and cartilage-bone defects after cell therapy, to better understand the formation of newly regenerated tissue following treatment. Prior to this, Dr. Campbell completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, where she studied topics such as disease modelling, competition, and optimization, amongst others.  Dr. Campbell’s PhD work led to a 2-part publication in the Journal of Tissue Engineering.  Her mathematical model successfully demonstrated the hypothesised benefit of a novel co-implantation cell therapy for the treatment of cartilage-bone defects, and the effects important modulatory factors have on this regenerative process.