Christina Darden, BS

Director, Surveys and Observational Studies

BS, Chemistry
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Christina M. Darden is an Associate Director in the Surveys and Observational Studies group at RTI-HS. Ms. Darden has over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and currently shares her expertise on a range of studies, including multisite, multinational burden-of-illness studies; observational studies with both prospective and retrospective components; risk evaluation studies in both the United States and Europe; literature reviews; and surveys. Ms. Darden has experience with both electronic and paper-and-pencil–based data collection efforts and has led or collaborated on numerous data collection projects involving multidisciplinary teams. Her results-oriented, client-focused approach to project leadership includes strategic planning, financial management, process development, resource allocation, and mentoring of junior project managers. Prior to joining the Surveys and Observational Studies group, Ms. Darden worked as a Quality Assurance Supervisor in the RTI-HS Office of Quality Assurance. Ms. Darden conducted internal project and process audits, managed the corrective and preventive action process, hosted external client audits, qualified subcontractors, and provided project support as a Quality Assurance Lead for multiple studies. Ms. Darden has experience with several quality initiatives, including collaboration across multiple groups within RTI-HS to achieve consistency regarding record management activities. She has supported project teams with the creation and implementation of work practice documents and authored several standard operating procedures.