Rebordosa C, Houben E, Laugesen K, Bothner U, Montonen J, Aguado J, Overbeek JA, Ehrenstein V, Asmar J, Wallace L, Gilsenan AW. No evidence of off-label use of Olodaterol and Indacaterol in Denmark, France, and the Netherlands: a drug utilization study. Sci Rep. 2020 Jan 17;10(1):586. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-57397-5

To characterize the use of olodaterol and indacaterol in clinical practice and to quantify the off-label use in asthma. Drug utilization study of new users of olodaterol or indacaterol between 2014 and 2017 in the PHARMO Database Network in the Netherlands, the Danish population registers, and the IMS Real-World Evidence Longitudinal Patient Database panels in France. On-label use was defined as use among adults with a recorded diagnosis of COPD. Off-label use was defined as use among adults with a recorded diagnosis of asthma without a recorded diagnosis of COPD or as use among patients aged ≤18 years. Potential off-label use was defined as no recorded diagnosis of either COPD or asthma. The study included 4,158 new users of olodaterol and 9,966 new users of indacaterol. Prevalence of off-label use ranged from 3.5% for both drugs to 12.4% for olodaterol and 11.9% for indacaterol. Prevalence of on-label use ranged from 47.8% to 77.7% for olodaterol and from 28.7% to 70.1% for indacaterol. The remaining new users of olodaterol and indacaterol were classified as potential off-label users, with prevalence ranging from 17.3% to 48.6% for olodaterol and from 20.5% to 66.6% for indacaterol. This study provides no evidence of a major concern in Europe for olodaterol or indacaterol for off-label use in asthma or for pediatric use.

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