The Value of Plain Language Summaries in Health Economics and Outcomes Research

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Webinar: The Value of Plain Language Summaries in Health Economics and Outcomes Research

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Commercialization success depends not only on developing rigorous scientific evidence that demonstrates your product’s safety, efficacy, and value, but also on effectively communicating that evidence to a variety of stakeholders. Medical terminology can be difficult for laypersons to understand. Plain language summaries (PLS) are emerging as a critical tool to help expand the reach of your research and improve shared healthcare decision making. From patients and caregivers to busy medical professionals and payers, multiple audiences benefit from having access to information about your research that describes it accurately and is easily understood. 

In this webinar, our presenters will discuss the growing use of plain language summaries and their unique role in your overall communications plan and will walk you through best practices and special considerations when writing them.

From this presentation, you will learn:

  • The value of PLS for patients and other stakeholders as a source of trustworthy information about a disease and its treatment.
  • The potential benefits of disseminating PLS to achieve meaningful patient involvement in drug or device development, registration, and reimbursement.
  • PLS as a resource for improved physician-patient shared decision-making in clinical practice.
  • What to consider when translating your research into plain language.
  • What forms PLS take and where to publish them.