Medical Devices

A Wealth of Experience

We have collaborated with our clients to develop and present evidence to demonstrate the value of their medical devices and tests.  We provide guidance on health economic and outcomes measures that will be critical in payer reimbursement decisions. Our experience includes:

  • Cardiovascular devices
  • Cellular therapies that require device delivery systems
  • Contrast media and dye
  • Diabetes monitoring and therapeutic devices
  • Imaging technologies
  • Implantable and laparoscopic devices
  • Injection devices
  • Lap-band devices
  • Molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine products
  • Novel drug delivery systems
  • Orthopedic devices
  • Pain management devices

Types of Projects

We have implemented numerous projects that have helped our clients develop and gain market access for medical device and diagnostics products. Recent projects have included:

Our Experts

Kati Copley-Merriman
Vice President, Market Access and Outcomes Strategy
Susan Martin
Executive Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment
Thor-Henrik Brodtkorb
Senior Director, Health Economics
Diane Whalley
Senior Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment
Dee Dee Mladsi
Head, Health Economics-Strategy and Early Modeling
Bintu Sherif
Director, Biostatistics
Mary Beth Ritchey
Principal Epidemiologist for Medical Devices
Colleen Castro
Senior Associate, Market Access and Outcomes Strategy
Lynda Doward
European Head, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment
Margaret Mordin
Senior Director, Market Access and Outcomes Strategy
Brett Hauber
Senior Economist and VP, Health Preference Assessment
Sandy Lewis
Senior Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment
Alejandro Arana Navarro
Director, Epidemiology
Carol Mansfield
Senior Research Economist
Jessica Costello
Writer, Market Access and Outcomes Strategy
Maria Fernandez
Senior Director, Market Access and Outcomes Strategy
Will Herring
Director, Health Economics
Katherine Houghton
Director, Health Economics
Sorrel Wolowacz
Head, European Health Economics

Selected Recent Medical Devices Publications

Anderson-Smits C, Davis K, Holy C, Etter K, Jalbert J, Ritchey ME, Steinbuch M. Medical device epidemiology. Presented at the 32nd International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE); August 24, 2016. Dublin, Ireland.