Using a Mobile App to Understand the Experience of Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing a Specific Treatment

woman's hands holding a cell phone

Observational Study of Patient-Reported Quality of Life Utilizing a Novel Mobile Application


Our approach allowed our client to demonstrate and publish that patients on their treatment consistently reported good quality of life and stable overall health during their six months of treatment. 


Our client wanted to understand the patient journey and assess patient-reported outcomes of women using their treatment for advanced or metastatic breast cancer in a US real-world setting. While there was a broad body of evidence on efficacy and safety there was little information on the day-to-day impact of the disease and its treatment on health-related quality of life. 


Our team needed to manage, monitor, and analyze multiple longitudinal data streams coming from disparate sources and systems. Additionally, we needed to keep centers up to date on patient adherence to survey completion to encourage timely and robust data collection. 


  • We conducted a prospective, noninterventional, multicenter longitudinal study of US patients that included patient chart abstractions and patient surveys 
  • We worked with an external vendor to develop a custom mobile application to collect patient surveys at daily, weekly, and cycle-based intervals using a bring-your-own-device model