Katica Boric, PhD

Epidemiology Project Manager

Katica Boric
Office Location
Barcelona, Spain

PhD, Science, Neuroscience
MSc, Science in Biological Sciences, Neuroscience
BS, Psychology
Universidad de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile

Executive Digital Program in Marketing Management and Digital Transformation
Esade Business School, Barcelona, Spain

Katica Boric, PhD, is Research Epidemiologist in the Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management group with RTI-HS. Dr. Boric has extensive expertise in neuroscience and a robust background in research, project management, and science communication. Before this role, she was at Teamit Institute, where she coordinated complex, multicountry pharmacoepidemiology studies, contributing to the generation of real-world evidence on vaccine coverage, safety, and efficacy. Her role involved direct management of postauthorisation safety studies, ensuring effective collaboration within dynamic environments.

Prior to her work in the pharmacoepidemiology field, Dr. Boric was involved in launching and managing Esade Business and Law School's pioneering Behavioral Lab, contributing to the establishment of a vibrant scientific culture within the institution. Katica's research journey includes working in various fields and different research centres such as Valparaíso Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center, The Mind and Brain Institute at Johns Hopkins University, and the Neurology department at Massachusetts General Hospital. Throughout her career, Katica actively participated in science outreach and worked as a curriculum developer and instructor at Science from Scientists, a non-profit organisation that provides in-school STEM programming to elementary and middle school students in the United States.

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