Katherine Hicks, MS

Director, Health Economics
Katherine Hicks
Practice Area:
Therapeutic Expertise:
Headquarters - Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

MS, Operations Research
BS, Public Health, Health Behavior and Health Education
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Katherine A. Hicks, MS, is a Director in Health Economics at RTI-HS. Ms. Hicks' research at RTI-HS focuses on developing mathematical models for conducting cost, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, and risk-benefit studies. She also specializes in developing and using constrained optimization models for informing resource allocation and other decisions. She has significant experience developing and programming analytical models and simulations for understanding and representing the dynamics involved with disease progression, disease epidemiology within populations, and the application of public health and medical interventions for the purpose of economic and resource allocation analyses. She has developed models based on Markovian structures, decision trees, differential and difference equations, and discrete event simulations. In addition, she specializes in developing tools with user-friendly interfaces for distribution to decision makers at various levels. She has developed models related to HIV prevention and treatment, diabetes, childhood and adult immunization, obesity, hepatitis A, herpes zoster, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer detection, substance abuse treatment, rheumatoid arthritis, athlete doping, and chemical terrorism preparedness for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, as well as other nongovernmental organizations. She is proficient in programming in a variety of software environments. Before joining RTI, she managed a large-scale national study evaluating an alcohol and tobacco use prevention program. Her graduate work at the University of North Carolina focused on the application of operations research methods to health care delivery. She has published her work in the American Journal of Public Health, Medical Decision Making, Health Policy, Annals of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Vaccine, Health Care Management Science, Health Economics, Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, and other peer-reviewed publications.