Real-World Evidence You Need, When You Need It

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You need evidence to show the efficacy, safety, and value of your products to your stakeholders. These days, real-world evidence is needed at every stage of the product life cycle.  It is playing an increasingly critical role to support successful regulatory approval and post-authorization commitments, market access, and outcomes research.   

Our experts have been collecting and analyzing real-world data for decades and understand evolving guidelines and methodology.

We know that the best approach starts with a plan. Once a strategic plan is in place, gaps in data can be discovered and addressed. When you need additional data elements, we can help you identify and incorporate new research – whether that is conducting prospective or retrospective studies or via new analytics. Beyond that, we can create reports for regulatory and HTA purposes as well as publications, interactive tools, and models to help you communicate your results. In our quest to help answer important research questions, at RTI Health Solutions we employ various methods to generate real-world evidence for a variety of end users.

We know it’s important to utilize available data sources throughout the world to demonstrate the value of your product.

We understand that while real-world evidence is needed for all therapeutic areas, it looks different based on the needs of the specific products and patient populations.

Our researchers are happy to meet with you to show you how our integrated project teams can partner with you to help you get the most out of your real-world evidence.