Lu E, Gnanasakthy A, Xie J, Latour A. Recognizing cultural diversity in patient-centered outcomes for healthcare decision making. Presented at the Vitrual ISPOR Asia Pacific 2022; September 2022.

Across multiple international clinical trials, different effect sizes have been seen in Asian patients compared to their Western country counterparts, especially for endpoints that are self-reported. This leads to challenges in value development and evidence generation, ultimately limiting patient access to potentially highly efficacious products in Asian countries. Previous evidence has showed that this difference could be due to PK/PD or genetic differences in Asian patients. However, another highly impactful variable that is not well understood is the role of cultural diversity.

What are the cultural differences that exist and what is their impact?

What are the perspectives of the HTA stakeholders in Asia?

What are the methodologies that could be implemented to recognize these differences in clinical trials and real-world studies?

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