Garcia-Esteve L, Torres A, Navarro P, Aguado J, Ascaso C. Maternidad the planned y psicomorbilidad: un riesgo evitable / Unplanned pregnancy and psychological morbidity: an avoidable risk. Fac Med Barc. 2005 Jul;32(3):111-8.

OBJECTIVE: Our objectives were: 1) to study the relationship between unplanned maternity and postpartum psychiatric morbidity. 2) to identify psychological factors associated with unplanned maternity.

METHODS: Data from a previous study for the validation of the EPDS, Which was carried out on puerperal women in their postpartum period, Were used. Total sample was composed by 334 women, 208 with Intended Pregnancies (controls), and 126 with unintended pregnancies (cases) .

ASSESSMENT: 1) Pregnancy planification: 2) Psychiatric interview by means of SCID; 3) Self-reportmeasures: BDI, EPDS, STAI-I / O. 3) Socio-demographical and psychosocial factors. Chi-square and t-Student tests were used. Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were performed.

RESULTS: Mothers with unplanned pregnancy Showed a significantly more negative mood, higher levels of anxiety, and more diagnoses of minor and major depression. Women with unplanned pregnancy Were more distressed during pregnancy, They had considered abortion, and had worse relationship with theirs partners.

CONCLUSIONS: Women with unplanned pregnancy are more prone to have postpartum depression. Public heath programs are necessary to decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies in women at risk, especially in depresssd women.

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