Magrey M, Bozyczko M, Wolin D, Mordin M, McLeod L, Davenport E, Chirila C, Hur P. Evaluation of the feasibility of a web-based survey to assess patient-reported symptom improvement and treatment satisfaction among patients with psoriatic arthritis receiving Secukinumab. Clin Drug Invest. 2019 Dec;39(12):1205-12. doi: 10.1007/s40261-019-00856-8

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Patient perspectives regarding treatment experience and satisfaction may be useful for clinicians when making treatment strategies. This US-based study assessed the feasibility of evaluating real-world, patient-reported narratives regarding symptom improvement and treatment satisfaction among patients with psoriatic arthritis treated with secukinumab.

A cross-sectional, web-based survey collected data on demographics, disease characteristics, symptoms before and after secukinumab use, and treatment satisfaction with secukinumab.

RESULTS: Of 2755 patients screened, 200 patients with psoriatic arthritis were eligible and included in the analysis. Their mean age was 36.0 (standard deviation, 10.0) years; 55.5% were male and 75.0% were white. Most (87.5%) were biologic experienced; the primary reason for discontinuation of their previous treatment was lack of effectiveness (28.6%). Most patients (79.9%) reported overall psoriatic arthritis symptom improvement after secukinumab initiation compared with before secukinumab initiation; a similar trend was observed for all individual symptoms evaluated. Approximately half of patients reported improvement within 4 weeks after starting secukinumab treatment, and > 90% reported improvement within 6 months. Most patients (≥ 96%) expressed overall satisfaction with secukinumab regarding symptom improvement, speed of symptom improvement, frequency of administration, method of administration, ease of use, patient support services, and side effects, if any.

CONCLUSIONS: Patient-reported perspectives may be feasibly collected to provide insights into treatment experience and satisfaction of secukinumab. Most patients with psoriatic arthritis in our real-world study experienced symptom improvement after initiating secukinumab; > 50% of patients reported symptom improvement within 4 weeks. Additionally, almost all patients reported satisfaction with secukinumab treatment.

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