Deal LS, Sleeper-Triplett J, DiBenedetti DB, Nelson L, McLeod L, Haydysch EE, Brown TM. Development and validation of the ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale (ABCS). J Atten Disord. 2015 Mar;19(3):191-9. doi: 10.1177/1087054714558118.

OBJECTIVE: Develop and validate the ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale (ABCS), a self-report instrument designed to measure benefits of ADHD coaching in college students.

METHOD: Concepts were elicited from interviews with ADHD coaches and college students receiving ADHD coaching. Draft items were tested in cognitive interviews among ADHD students. Item and scale reliability and validity of ABCS were evaluated using web-survey data from students reporting ADHD. Mean ABCS scores for coached and noncoached groups were compared.

RESULTS: Five coaches and 14 students participated in concept elicitation interviews; 10 students participated in the cognitive interviews; 209 students completed the web-survey. The 10-item ABCS showed satisfactory internal consistency reliability and validity and differentiated between coached (n = 17) and noncoached groups (n = 192; p less than .01).

CONCLUSION: To assess benefits of ADHD coaching in college students, the ABCS was developed and psychometrically validated in accordance with Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) patient-reported outcome guidance.

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