Hicks K, Earnshaw S. Demonstrating the use of constrained optimization on a real-world problem. Presented at the ISPOR 2019; May 20, 2019. New Orleans.

Constrained models are practical tools aimed at identifying solutions to problems that optimize a desired outcome while satisfying relevant constraints. In this Demo Theatre, we will demonstrate the methods, basic assumptions, and outcomes of a constrained optimization model using a hypothetical example. The example model will identify the number of different types of vaccines for a health provider to supply in order to minimize expected infectious disease incidence in their patients while maintaining economic solvency for the provider’s vaccine program and considering vaccine storage limitations. This example is in response to a common problem for US health providers, who often find providing vaccines to be prohibitively expensive and therefore forego offering that service. Other potential applications of constrained optimization in healthcare and public health will also be discussed.

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