Post ICPE 2016 Roundup

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The 32nd ICPE in Dublin was a resounding success! So many things to learn, see, and discuss. With so much going on, you might have missed something that you would have liked to see. We've put together a review of our contributions with links so that you can read the abstracts and view the posters. If you'd like to learn more about or connect with the authors, you can do so by clicking on their names at the bottom of the page.

Contributed Paper Sessions

Validation of Cardiovascular Events and Covariates in CPRD GOLD Using Questionnaires to General Practitioners (GPs). A. Margulis, C. Varas-Lorenzo, C. Bui, L. McQuay, R. Ziemiecki, M. Reynolds, C. Rebordosa, M. Pladevall-Vila, J. Fortuny, E. Rivero-Ferrer, E. Plana, W. J. Atsma, K. Appenteng, B. Franks, S. de Vogel, M. D’Silva, S. Perez-Gutthann, A. Arana

Exposure Misclassification and Inverse Probability Weighting: A Plasmode Simulation. M. M. Conover, K. J. Rothman, T. Stürmer, C. Poole, M. Jonsson Funk

Incidence of Cardiovascular Events in New Users of Overactive Bladder Medications in Denmark. J. Hallas, A. Margulis, A. Pottegård, N. Kristiansen, C. Bui, W. Krueger, W. J. Atsma, K. Appenteng, B. Franks, S. de Vogel, M. D’Silva, S. Perez-Gutthann, A. Arana

Cardiovascular Risk in Users of Antimuscarinic Drugs for Overactive Bladder: A Cohort Study in the Swedish National Registers. M. Linder, A. Margulis, I. Anveden-Berglind, S. Bahmanyar, C. Bui, W. J. Atsma, K. Appenteng, B. Franks, S. de Vogel, M. D’Silva, S. Perez-Gutthann, A. Arana

Risk of Lymphoma in Users of Topical Tacrolimus, Pimecrolimus, and Corticosteroids (JOELLE study). J. Castellsague, J. Kuiper, A. Pottegård, I. Anveden-Berglind, D. Dedman, L. Gutierrez, B. Calingaert, M. van Herk-Sukel, J. Hallas, A. Sundstrom, A. Gallagher, J. Kaye, C. Pardo, K. Rothman, S. Perez-Gutthann


Evaluating Physician Knowledge of Risks and Safe Use of Xarelto (Rivaroxaban). L. J. Zografos, K. Suzart, A. Horvat-Broecker, M. Soriano-Gabarro, D. L. Wolin, B. Calingaert, E. K. Davenport, K. A. Hollis, E. Andrews

Evaluation of Risk Minimisation Activities for Cyproterone Acetate 2 mg/Ethinylestradiol 35 μg. K. H. Davis, A. Asiimwe, L. J. Zografos, D. J. McSorley, E. Andrews

Use of Cognitive Testing to Optimize Questionnaire Wording and Mode of Administration in the Evaluation of Risk Minimization Activities. L. J. Zografos, E. Andrews, D. Whalley, P. Petraro, Z. Vassilev


Preconception Use of Pain Relieving Medication and Time to Pregnancy: A Prospective Study. K. A. McInerney, E. E. Hatch, A. K. Wesselink, K. J. Rothman, E. M. Mikkelsen, L. A. Wise

Pregnancy Studies Assessing Drug Exposure in Populations With Multiple Sclerosis. W. Krueger, M. Anthony, B. Monz, C. Saltus, C. Hirst, A. Margulis, E. Andrews


Evaluation of Free-Text Comments to Validate Common Cancer Diagnoses in the UK CPRD. J. Fortuny, J. Kaye, C. Bui, A. Gilsenan, J. Bartsch, E. Plana, L. McQuay, B. Calingaert, A. Margulis, W. J. Atsma, K. Appenteng, B. Franks, S. de Vogel, M. D’Silva, S. Perez-Gutthann, A. Arana

An Algorithm to Identify Duplicate Patients When Pooling Aggregate Data from Two Primary Care Databases in the United Kingdom. E. Plana, L. McGrath, J. Fortuny, A. Ruigomez, O. Fernandez-Cantero, L. Garcia-Rodriguez, A. Gilsenan, E. Andrews, C. Rebordosa, R. Ziemiecki

Complementary Observational Studies Assessing the Incidence of a Rare Cancer Outcome by Linking State Cancer Registry Data to Large Pharmacy Claims Databases in the United States. N. Kellier-Steele, A. Gilsenan, K. Midkiff, D. Harris, E. Andrews


Probabilistic Bias Analysis for Unmeasured Confounders in a Study of Users of Topical Tacrolimus, Pimecrolimus and Corticosteroids (JOELLE Study). J. Castellsague, B. Calingaert, K. Rothman, L. Gutierrez, M. van Herk-Sukel, J. Kuiper, A. Pottegård, J.Hallas, I. Berglind, A. Sundstrom, D. Dedman, A. Gallagher, J. Kaye, C. Pardo, S. Perez-Gutthann

Reporting of the Trimmed Population in Propensity Score Analyses. D. Odom, X. Zhou, S. Thomas

Use of Medicines

Characterization of New Users of Cilostazol in the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, and Germany. J. Castellsague, B. Calingaert, B. Poblador-Plou, M. Giner-Soriano, M. Linder, O. Scholle, C. Varas-Lorenzo, A. Arana, C. Bui, A. Prados-Torres, F. Gonzalez-Rubio, A. Roso-Llorach, A. Citarella, E. Garbe, T. Blenk, S. Perez-Gutthann

Drug Utilization Study: Evaluation of the Use of Nepafenac in The Netherlands and Denmark. A. Margulis, E. Houben, M. Olesen, J. Hallas, J. Overbeek, A. Pottegård, W. Ye, D. Villegas, S. Perez-Gutthann, A. Arana


Risk of Hemorrhagic Stroke Associated with Non-Insulin Blood Glucose Lowering Drugs. Results from the SAFEGUARD Project. M. Gil, S. Romio, L. Scotti, I. Leal, G. Masclee, N. Schmedt, C. Varas-Lorenzo, M. Pladevall-Vila, M. Smits, I. Bezemer, J. Seeger, G. De Beradis, S. Pecchioli, G. Trifiro, A. McGrogan, P. Rijnbeek, M. Sturkenboom

Study Update for a Postmarketing Case Series Study of Adult Osteosarcoma and Teriparatide in the US. K. Midkiff, D. Harris, A. Gilsenan, D. McSorley, N. Kellier-Steele, D. Masica, E. Andrews


The EpiChron Cohort Proven Useful for Pharmacoepidemiological Studies. A. Prados-Torres, B. Poblador-Plou, F. González-Rubio, A. Gimeno Miguel, J. Castellsague, S. Perez-Gutthann, A. Arana

Description of 2014-2015 ICPE Abstract Submissions. M. Ritchey




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