Strategic Planning for Orphan Drugs

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Webinar: Strategic Planning for Orphan Drugs

Join us for this 1-hour session
Tuesday, June 7, 10:00am EDT | 15:00 BST

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Maximizing Asset Value Through Evidence Generation Planning

When developing new products to treat rare diseases, it is particularly challenging to demonstrate sufficient product value to support successful reimbursement and patient access. Creating a strategic plan with a Market Access Evidence Roadmap can help you identify areas of evidence generation required to support reimbursement and increase patient access to your product. It can make your development process more efficient by preventing delays and costly re-work down the road, or by helping you best position your product for acquisition. 

You’ll gain insight on strategic planning necessary for successful orphan drug development as we cover:

  • What are Market Access Evidence Roadmaps
    - Their critical role in developing a reimbursement strategy for orphan drugs 
    - How they are developed and applied 
  • HTA requirements in key markets 
  • Innovative or alternative funding mechanisms for orphan drugs for selected markets and how to plan for gaining access to them

This webinar is ideal for those who are new to—or unfamiliar with—the increasing use and relevance of evidence generation in early pharmaceutical development to support market access and future reimbursement.

Who should attend?  

  • Medium or small pharma companies 
  • Companies wishing to prepare for acquisition
  • Companies pursuing licensing for their product 
  • Pharmaceutical companies developing diagnostics or treatments for rare diseases