Market Access Evidence Roadmaps

Webinar - Market access evidence

Webinar: Market Access Evidence Roadmaps

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Maximizing Asset Value Through Evidence Generation Planning

In the development of new medical products, it is important to generate clinical evidence to support regulatory success, but also to generate evidence on treatment value to support successful reimbursement and patient access.

In order to be better prepared for a successful launch, a Market Access Evidence Roadmap can help you identify areas of evidence generation required to support reimbursement and increase access to your product.

What you will learn during this 1-hour session:

  • What the evidence requirements are for reimbursement in key markets
  • What Market Access Evidence Roadmaps are
    • How they are developed and applied
    • Their overall role in developing a reimbursement strategy

This short episode is ideal for those who are new to or unfamiliar with the increasing use and relevance of market access and economic evidence generation in early pharmaceutical development to support future reimbursement.

Who should attend:

  • Small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies
  • Companies wishing to prepare for acquisition
  • Companies pursuing licensing for their product