Webinar: Addressing Challenges in Health Equity Research

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Webinar: Addressing Challenges in Health Equity Research

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Methods and Tools to Support Actionable Health Equity Research for the Biomedical Sciences

Health equity is gaining increased interest and traction among pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations and other entities involved in research and analytics. But having access to the right data collection and knowledge about the best methods to apply is often a challenge. In this webinar, we’ll present the advantages of using robust health equity research methods and introduce specialized machine learning database tools that can identify historically underserved populations and uncover the risk factors driving gaps and disparities in care and outcomes among these populations.

Learning Objectives 

  • Examine the socioeconomic drivers of health disparities and populations affected 
  • Understand why health equity is crucial for the biomedical sciences 
  • Explore methods such as literature reviews and distributional cost-effectiveness analysis 
  • Review social determinants data and tools to leverage in health equity research: introducing RTI Rarity™ 

Who Should Attend 

  • Individuals involved in the development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, digital therapies, or public health interventions 
  • Health equity researchers and data analysts 
  • Medical writers 
  • Health economics and outcomes researchers (HEOR)