Key Themes and Insights From ASCO 2024: A Glimpse Into the Future of Oncology

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The ASCO 2024 conference was a hub of innovation and collaboration, bringing together healthcare providers, pharma, and patients to advance the field of oncology. Here are key themes and insights that emerged from the event:

Genomic/Biomarker Data: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

There is a push to increase the awareness and adaptation of genomic/biomarker testing, and physicians and patients are being encouraged to get these evaluations done as early as possible after diagnosis. Genomic/biomarker evaluations can not only help identify the best treatments for patients, they can also help with diagnosis and regular monitoring, all of which can improve patient outcomes. Biopharma can use these data for research purposes, such as understanding how their product performs in real-world settings, identifying gaps in care, conducting studies on treatment patterns, and enhancing their awareness of market competition.

Diversity and Health Equity in Clinical Trials

Programming at ASCO emphasized the importance of diversity and health equity in clinical trials and observational studies. Ensuring diverse participant representation is crucial for increasing the generalizability of study results and improving access to life-saving treatments for all members of the population. Strategies to reach underserved communities and integrate health equity into research were key discussion points​.

The Growing Importance of Real-World Evidence

The conference highlighted the increasing relevance of real-world evidence (RWE) in oncology. Integrated data solution companies showcased their capabilities, underscoring the role of RWE in understanding long-term treatment effects, safety profiles, and patient outcomes beyond controlled clinical environments. This shift toward using real-world data is transforming how we assess and optimize cancer treatments​​.

Application of AI for Efficient Clinical Decision-Making in Oncology

There has been a recent push in to use AI-based tools to boost research productivity, including applications in radiologic image analysis and natural language processing. Academic institutions are taking a lead in this work. ASCO has launched a task force to evaluate how generative AI could positively impact the lives of oncology professionals and their patients.

International Collaboration

ASCO 2024 featured a strong international presence, with notable participation from countries including South Korea and Japan. Global participation fosters collaboration, the exchange of innovative ideas, and the integration of diverse perspectives in oncology research.​

Comprehensive Patient Testing: A Message for Clinicians

A critical takeaway for clinicians was the importance of thorough patient testing. Comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring practices are essential for developing optimized treatment plans and improving clinical outcomes. This emphasis on thorough testing aims to ensure that each patient receives the most effective care possible​.

ASCO 2024 demonstrated the incredible efforts of the oncology community to push the boundaries of cancer treatment. At RTI-HS, we are committed to supporting these advances, bringing our extensive experience from conducting over 2,000 HEOR studies in oncology. Our research spans all areas ancillary to clinical-trial research, including RWE, patient-centered outcomes assessment, epidemiology, evidence synthesis, and economic evaluation, as well as expertise in integrated evidence planning, medical communications, and global health technology assessment support.

Join us in advancing oncology research and improving patient outcomes. Contact us today to learn how we can support your research needs and help bring life-saving treatments to patients worldwide.

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