Andrea Margulis Elected to ISPE Board of Directors

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Andrea Margulis
Andrea Margulis, MD, ScD

Congratulations to Andrea Margulis, MD, ScD, FISPE, Epidemiology Director at RTI Health Solutions (RTI-HS) on her election to the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) Board of Directors. She and the other newest board members will take office in August at ICPE 2022, in Copenhagen.

Andrea shares, “I look forward to the challenges that ISPE will address in the next few years. At a time when real-world data is gaining visibility among non-pharmacoepidemiologists, I see ISPE promoting sound methods with good research and reporting practices to support the credibility of our work.”

RTI-HS has a long history of contributing to ISPE’s mission. Our staff have served on a variety of committees and held leadership roles including:

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Task Force Groups
  • Educational Council Chair
  • Special Advisor to the Board of Directors
  • Editorial Board
  • Fellows of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (FISPE)

About ISPE

ISPE is an international organization dedicated to advancing the health of the public by providing a global forum for the open exchange of scientific information and for the development of policy, education, and advocacy for the field of pharmacoepidemiology. Their focus includes such areas as pharmacovigilance, drug utilization research, comparative effectiveness review, and therapeutic risk management.

Pharmacoepidemiology is the science that applies epidemiologic approaches to studying the use, effectiveness, value, and safety of pharmaceuticals. ISPE is firmly committed to providing an unbiased scientific forum to the views of all parties with interests in drug development, drug delivery, drug use, drug costs, and drug effects.

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