Virginie Vinai, BINF

Data Manager/Programmer, Surveys and Observational Studies
Virginie Vinai
Practice Area:
Lyon, France

BINF, Informatics
IUT Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France

Virginie Vinai is a programmer in the Surveys and Observational Studies group at RTI-HS. She has 11 years of programming experience; for 3 of those years, she was a programmer for a website that tracked patients' medical records and follow-up care in programming languages such as PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, and SQL. She also has experience in programming in C Sharp, software used in hospital and clinical settings that allows the institution to manage everything from an inventory of medical products to surgical records. In the last 7 years, she programmed websites for physicians using Sawtooth software, adding updates in JS, CSS, HTML and Perl to make the websites more attractive and easier to use.