Hunt SM, McKenna SP, Doward LC. Preliminary report on the development of a disease-specific instrument for assessing quality of life of adults with growth hormone deficiency. Acta Endocrinol. 1993 Jun 1;128(Suppl 2):37-40.

It is notable that many of the feelings described by the people in the sample are similar to those experienced at times by people who do not suffer from GHD, that is, lapses of memory, feeling drained of energy, loss of temper, loss of motivation, difficulty in concentrating, forgetfulness and having a tendency to gain weight. Adults with GHD, however, appear to suffer these problems more frequently and to a more extreme degree than other people. It is clear that the range of problems that afflict people with GHD is great, and that the repercussions affect virtually all aspects of their lives. The results from these interviews will form the basis of a measure designed specifically to assess the quality of life of patients with GHD, and to determine the changes in quality of life after treatment with GH

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