Shah HA, Herrera-Restrepo O, Jutlla G, Grace M, Graham J, Khan SA, Begum S, Kocaata K. Market and non-market productivity losses associated with invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) in the United States (US). Poster presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) 2024; May 20, 2024. Copenhagen, Denmark.

BACKGROUND: IMD is a rare, yet devastating disease which can impact patients, caregivers, and the economy. IMD can result in market (absenteeism) and nonmarket (caregiving and household activities) productivity losses due to acute illness, sequelae, and premature death. This studyexplores market and non-market productivity losses associated with IMD in the US.

METHOD: A model was developed to estimate daily IMD productivity time loss, for the acute phase, sequelae and premature death based on the American Time Use Survey. Acute IMD time loss was calculated from hospital length of stay. IMD case-fatality rates estimated years lostto premature deaths. Sequelae-related productivity losses were based on event rates. Assumptions about patient and caregiver productivity were drawn from the literature, presuming lifelong sequelae for survivors and 10-year impacts for caregivers. Earnings per hourwere multiplied by time lost due to acute IMD, premature deaths, and sequelae. Costs were inflated to 2023 USD.

RESULTS: In 2021, 121 IMD cases aged ≥16 resulted in a total of $87.4 million ($722,457 per IMD case) market (71.8%) and non-market (28.2%) productivity losses. Productivity losses during the acute phase totaled $314,850, while losses related to sequelae and premature deathreached $87.1 million. From 2015 to 2021, total productivity losses reached $827.4 million. Results were sensitive to median weekly earnings, market and non-market benefits ratio, case-fatality rates, and included sequelae.

CONCLUSIONS/LEARNING POINTS: IMD is linked to substantial productivity losses, surpassing US GDP per capita by more than 10 times, thereby suggesting significant economic impact. Comprehensive consideration of market and non-market productivity losses for the acute phase, sequelae and prematuredeath provides a more accurate representation of IMD's economic burden.

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