Barker M, Burns A, Lentz K, Sanchez-Bryson I. Kaizen & intake: the Toyota partnership. Presented at the LSC's Innovations in Technology Conference; January 10, 2018. New Orleans, LA.

If we make our processes more efficient can we serve more people? If we've always done intake the same way, how do we know it’s the best way--and how do we get people to buy into needed change? Why invest time and money on great technology if we're going to use it to automate "less-than-the-best" processes? Those are just a few of the questions Florida Rural Legal Services (FRLS) hoped to answer when they partnered with the Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC) after receiving an LSC TIG grant to create a regional hotline. What they discovered was far more than they expected, as did several other Florida legal aid providers who were observers. Learn about the origins of this project, the pro bono commitment Toyota made to FRLS, and the impact these business process analyses/improvement (BPA/BPI) processes had on FRLS as well as Legal Services of Greater Miami. You'll also hear about Florida's statewide Train-the-Trainer program on business process put on by Seyferth Shaw.

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