Jung T, Scott T, Davies HTO, Bower P, Whalley D, McNally R, Mannion R. Instruments for exploring organizational culture: a review of the literature. Public Adm Rev. 2009 Oct 12;69(6):1087-96.

Organizational culture is widely considered to be one of the most significant factors in reforming and modernizing public administration and service delivery. This article documents the findings of a literature review of existing qualitative and quantitative instruments for the exploration of organizational culture. Seventy instruments are identified, of which 48 could be submitted to psychometric assessment. The majority of these are at a preliminary stage of development. The study's conclusion is that there is no ideal instrument for cultural exploration. The degree to which any measure is seen as “fit for purpose” depends on the particular reason for which it is to be used and the context within which it is to be applied.

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