Vass C, Seo J, von Butler L, Zhang Y. Innovative uses of technology to advance health preference research. Presented at the ISPOR Webinar; September 20, 2023.

Stated preference surveys often involve communicating large volumes of complex and/or unfamiliar medical information to provide context for respondents. This webinar examines innovative uses of technology to advance discrete choice experiment (DCE) research within health preference research. They will explore the different technologies that can be integrated into preference surveys illustrating how technology can better inform and potentially engage respondents. Through an examination of published case studies, Dr. Vass and Dr. Seo will discuss 1) the range of methods available, (eg, pictures, videos, animations, and interactive games), 2) the practical aspects of integrating tools, (eg, costs, programming logistics), and 3) evidence of the effectiveness of the technology, ie, including the actual impact on response rates, data quality, etc). This will be followed by a presentation from Mr. Ludwig von Butler who will discuss how technology can be used to implement health preference research and to expand the use of mobile devices to broaden the reach of data collection. The presentation will also discuss the issues that can arise with such uses of technology and how these could be combatted. The session will finish with a moderated Q&A from the audience.

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