Hawe E, Stull DE, McBride D, Balp MM. Improvement in quality of life (QOL) of patients with refractory chronic spontaneous/idiopathic urticaria (CSU/CIU) as assessed by the EURO-QOL (EQ-5D). Poster presented at the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology; June 2015. Vancouver, Canada.

Background: Chronic spontaneous/idiopathic urticaria (CSU/CIU), defined as the occurrence of daily or almost daily wheals/hives, pruritus and/or angioedema for more than 6 weeks without an identifiable external trigger, has a detrimental effect on patient’s health. Health status and outcomes can be measured with the EuroQol (EQ&n5D), a generic, standardized patient-reported outcomes instrument comprised of 5 dimensions: mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression. A descriptive profile is created and a single preference value called utility can be calculated for each profile. The maximum utility value is 1 (perfect health), 0 corresponds to death..

To assess the EQ–5D utility scores associated with each health state in CSU.

Method: Pooled patient level data from 3 randomised trials (ASTERIA I, ASTERIA II and GLACIAL) evaluating effect of omalizumab on symptoms of refractory CSU/CIU were used to derive utilities. Health status was assessed by patients using EQ-5D at baseline, weeks 12 and at end of the studies; patients also completed a daily diary to assess disease activity (urticaria activity score [UAS]) for their itch and number of hives. Weekly UAS scores (UAS7) range from 0 (no symptoms) to 42 (maximum symptoms). Mean utilities were calculated by a mixed-effects model for the following five health states, defined with UAS7 scores: severe urticaria: UAS7=28-42; moderate: UAS7=16-27; mild: UAS7=7-15; well-controlled urticaria: UAS7=1-6; and urticaria-free: UAS7=0.

Results: Based on this analysis, mean EQ–5D utility scores were obtained for each of the five health states: 0.71 (SD: 0.31) for severe urticaria, 0.78 (0.26) for moderate, 0.85 (0.24) for mild, 0.86 (0.24) for well-controlled and 0.90 (0.25) for urticaria-free.

Conclusion: This is the first study known to derive utilities for CSU/CIU health states. It was observed that among patients in the five health states, those who were urticaria-free reported the highest EQ–5D utility scores, reflecting a better quality of life, with progressively lower utilities for worse health states.

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