Heyes A. Clinical trial experience with Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy—Lung in conventional and targeted non—small cell lung cancer therapy. Semin Oncol. 2004 Jun 1;31(Suppl. 9):16-22.

Advanced non—small cell lung cancer is associated with a low rate of long-term survival and a range of painful and debilitating symptoms. Various self-report questionnaires have been developed to monitor non—small cell lung cancer-related symptoms and quality of life over the course of treatment. The Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy—Lung questionnaire is a widely used and well-validated lung cancer-specific instrument. It has been used to assess quality of life in numerous lung cancer clinical trials investigating a variety of therapeutic agents, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapy. The Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy—Lung is predictive of both tumor response and patient survival, and has been found to be highly sensitive to changes in clinical indicators.

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