Mauskopf J, Earnshaw SR, Mullins CD, Brogan A. Building a budget impact model: budget impact analysis training. Presented at the 2016 ISPOR Training Courses; November 2016. Durham, NC.

This course is designed to provide an overview of Markov modeling and its application to assessing the economic value of new and existing health care technologies. The course will first introduce Markov modeling in the context of other model structures and cover the basic elements of a Markov model, including health states, cycle length, transition probabilities, the Markov property, parameter values associated with the health states, discounting, half-cycle correction, and sensitivity analyses. The course will present the mathematical concepts behind evaluating and building a Markov model, describe how to use a Markov model to assess the economic value of a health care technology, and present a full-scale example.

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