Earnshaw SR, Brogan A, Brodtkorb TH. Budget impact analysis II: applications & design issues. Presented at the 2016 ISPOR 21st Annual International Meeting; May 22, 2016. Washington, DC. Previously presented at the ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting.

This course provides hands-on experiences utilizing an Excel spreadsheet-based approach to creating and modifying budget impact analysis models and cost calculators. Participants will receive an excel-based budget impact analysis and will engage actively in experiential learning opportunities to update and tailor the spreadsheet. Applications will focus on design issues related to accuracy of budget impact estimation as well as applicability to decision makers. A didactic component will describe a series of key decisions including but not limited to whether to use a simple cost calculator versus a modeling approach; a static versus a dynamic approach; and when to update and recalibrate a budget impact analysis. Participants who wish to gain hands-on experience must bring their laptops with Microsoft Excel installed.

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