Barnett CL, Denton BT. Optimization of biomarker-based prostate cancer screening policies. In: Sze-chuan Suen, David Scheinker, Eva Enns, editors. Artificial intelligence for healthcare: interdisciplinary partnerships for analytics-driven improvements in a post-COVID world. Cambridge: United Kingdom. Cambridge University Press; 2022. p.141-58.

Healthcare has recently seen numerous exciting applications of artificial intelligence, industrial engineering, and operations research. This book, designed to be accessible to a diverse audience, provides an overview of interdisciplinary research partnerships that leverage AI, IE, and OR to tackle societal and operational problems in healthcare. The topics are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from optimizing the location of AEDs for cardiac arrests to data mining for facilitating patient flow through a hospital. These applications highlight how engineering has contributed to medical knowledge, health system operations, and behavioral health. Chapter authors include medical doctors, policy-makers, social scientists, and engineers. Each chapter begins with a summary of the health care problem and engineering method. In these examples, researchers in public health, medicine, and social science as well as engineers will find a path to start interdisciplinary collaborations in health applications of AI/IE/OR.

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