Incorporating Real-World Evidence Into Your Product Development


It's critical to understand how to incorporate real-world evidence at every stage of your drug or device development journey. You need to understand where your product fits in the commercial landscape and begin to develop your value proposition. We can help you identify potential gaps in your evidence and create a plan to address them, saving you time and costly rework down the road.

During your clinical development, we can provide you with a roadmap to help ensure your evidence aligns and demonstrates the full value of your product.

For launch you need a compelling value story backed by scientifically rigorous evidence. We can help you incorporate appropriate real-world evidence to get your product in the hands of those who need it.

Following successful market authorization, real-world evidence moves to the forefront. We can move with you along the continuum, making the most of your asset by conducting efficacy and safety studies and developing new insights to help you identify distinct benefits of your asset.

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