LaStella Miles

Developing New Skillsets

Notes of encouragement and feedback
LaStella displays notes of encouragement and positive feedback she has received.

I’ve always been interested in solving problems and helping people, so that is what made RTI-HS a great place for me after finishing my master’s program in industrial engineering. I feel fortunate to have had the incredible opportunities for professional growth that I have experienced since I joined. During my time here I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects with increasing responsibility. Each one had unique challenges and opportunities to learn and improve on my skillset. 

Most recently, I felt ready to expand my programming skillset. I developed a proposal for a Professional Development Award to learn SAS. Through that program, I was introduced to a new programming language that better equips me to work on completely different types of projects in addition to developing economic models.

I love that I work for an organization where I am appreciated for producing high-quality, timely work and that encourages me to develop new skills and grow professionally.